About Lee Murray

I’ve been a designer now for over 16 years, it’s my job, my passion - a huge part of my life. I’m armed with the skillsets that a designer requires in 2017 to be effective and make a difference.

I’m a good communicator who encourages collaboration, experience has taught me being a designer means being a problem solver, a skill that is so much more than creating a nice UI on screen.

Why eskimo?

When I was contracting many years ago my company had 'eskimo' in it's name.

I used eskimo as I admired how resourceful an eskimo could be living in freezing temperatures, being resourceful is something I prided myself on.

Eskimo was also a memorable name, I managed to build a client base of nearly 100 clients, so it did well by me!

I've also managed to raise over £20,000 for various charities and local community based clubs in Manchester using the eskimo name, some of these include:

Career highlights