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Leading diversity - the Co-op

I was in the process of finishing off a blog on a different subject at the weekend but then I got some good news about a thing that’s close to my heart; that news is why I write this post.

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Diversity in the walking dead

I’d heard a lot of noise about ‘The Walking Dead’ but it didn’t grab me when it first started broadcasting, it’s only recently that I thought lets see what the fuss is about.

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Keep pushing, keep pushing

Keep pushing, keep pushing, it’s the last mile, I’ve ran well up to now and I’m gaining momentum, just another minute and I can rest.

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Jekyll and, no not that Jekyll

One of the great things about the web is that it gives anyone a voice to talk about their thing and share it across the world, something I’ve not done much of recently.

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Head in the clouds

Have you ever heard someone say “you’ve got your head in the clouds”? Well that was me – literally – yesterday.

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